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How to Care for Lash

  • Don't get them wet within 24 hours. Because, the glue has to be dried up perfectly so that shape can remain constant. When you take a shower, please avoid getting direct water towards our lashes. This may create a twist, or make our lashes fall out quicker. Try to gently pat your lashes with towel instead of rubbing or pushing it so hard.


  • It is best if you can avoid touching or rubbing lash extensions after getting lashes done. If you pulling out the lashes by yourself, this will cause your natural lashes to fall out, too. Keep doing so will damage and ruin your own lashes, and it may take a while for new lashes to grow out again.


  • After a week or a week and a half, your natural lashes will grow out like your natural hair. This may cause our lash extensions to get twisted/ crooked / go to different directions. We recommend using brush to comb them from the bottom to the top gently. Extremely be careful when you start from the bottom ( as strong stress may cause your lashes to fall out). Just using the tip!


  • Lash extensions are vulnerable to high temperatures or high humidity. For the next few days, avoid going to swimming pool or sauna ( steam rooms ). If you regularly visit those, lashes may fall out quicker than usual. Also, if you sweat a lot, sweating can also weaken glue as well.


  • Please, arrive here without having any makeups on, especially eye-makeups including mascaras. You also should not curl them up before getting lashes done. You have to remove all eye makeups prior to the lash extension and this may take a while. If you are wearing any makeups, please arrive 10-15mins earlier to remove them. Even if you had removed all mascaras, as remover contains oily chemicals, this may prevent longer maintenance of lash extensions. 

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